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IEFI at A Glance

IEFI (M) Sdn Bhd was established since 1997. The company is an independent entity with both local and foreign capital investment. Our business expertise is on chemicals raw material distribution and the company also has good collaboration with other investment/affiliated companies in Asia region.


IEFI (M) Sdn Bhd is the market leader for many of the products under our portfolio. The industries we are currently servicing include paints & coatings, building materials, plastics & rubbers and other general industries.






Our Vision

We strive to be the preferred supplier in every industry we serve, and to differentiate our services by offering innovative solutions, specialty products, and value added services to customers






Our Value


We continue capitalizing on existing and new complimentary product portfolio in creating synergistic benefits for our principals in the industry served




We are an Award Winner company, this includes Top Distributor of the Year Global Silver Award

by world leading silicones mansory repellents and dispersible polymers powder producer.

Our competent business practices covered the areas of: 

  • Business Growth & Market Expansion
  •  Business Support & Cooperation
  •  Transparency & Updated Reporting
  •  Customer Service
  •  Market Coverage
  •  Market Knowledge
  •  Product Knowledge














Our in-house demo lab functions as academic center to conduct small-scale seminars for customers / government bodies / specifies. The demo lab is also utilized to conduct training to equip customers with basic tests, application knowledge, technique and skills in the respective industry.










We organize large-scale seminars jointly with principals targeted for customers / government bodies / test institutes / specifies



We conduct our business based on customer oriented practice to stand close to customers by offering innovative solutions, rapid response as well as providing value added services to customers. We also emphasize on long term rapport built with customers and attentive to their requirements




We provide effective warehouse management and well-covered transport services to ensure goods are stored in good condition and delivered to customers promptly